Contact No. - A client approached us for a thin Ecommerce website, what he left with was an expansive E-commerce solution and jewelry orders by the bucket load.

Our Team

Name: Devindra
Qualification: MIS
Designation: Founder

Hi, it's Dave here - the founder of AppleClick and

SEO and web development has always been my home. Although computer games are what inspired me to learn it wasn't long before I dabbled into website development. Ever since my childhood I was fascinated by my first computer and I have never looked back.

Fast forward 10 years later and here we are with AppleClick and businesses revolving around web solutions.

People ask me everyday, "What's it like running such a large company at a young age?" I tell them, the best part is - you learn something new everyday. That's why I love what I do here at IndianSEOservices, innovation inspires us to grow.

Name: Nishad
Qualification: MBA
Designation: Marketing Head

Hi, I am Nishad Nevgi, an engineer in Electronics and Telecommunication from Mumbai University and a soon to-be MBA graduate from the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. I have specialized in marketing and hence, the role in Appleclick.

At AppleClick, my aim is to help various organisations know about the services we offer and possibly, work out lucrative relationships with the ones who are keen on not wanting to be left behind on the elusive SEO front.

The closely knit culture allows me to make concrete changes in our on offerings to clients, in order to suit their needs. We hope to apply our knowledge and skills in order to make a holistic positive impact on the businesses of our clients in the Indian market as well.